Saturday, December 18, 2010


List of ingredients;             I hope you can read this post, it danced all over the page!!!!
                         double faced tape
                         sharp little scissors
                         old magazines and catalogues
                         pretty paper for base (light shows up better, dark is more dramatic but
                                you mostly have to use white on it)
                         a thought
                                 a favorite color or thing
                                 something meaningful to you
                                 an emotion (if you want to write something private to you you can hide it behind a
                                                     picture, seal it up in an envelope or think of other creative ways to hide it)
                                                   (if you are the kind of person who only wants to put beautiful thoughts that
                                                     makes it easier - if you want to leave it for posterity you might want to 
                                                     not even put it down or else consider the above)
                         a few hours to just think about your page.                      Diane


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  1. Why can't I do that? Art journaling to me is just amazing! I love seeing your's and Carmelina's too. So inspiring! My creative side seems to be in hibernation at the moment. :/ Hope you are having a great day! :) Tammy