Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Push.....

All it takes sometimes is for someone to make you step outside of
your comfort zone and do something a little different than
you might.  This was the case with this pottery. 
One of my daughters was visiting and she suggested we go to the paint your own pottery shop downtown.  It turned out to be a wonderful couple hours talking, painting, deciding on the colors and designs ending up with a coordinating set of nesting trays.  I might even take an afternoon off by myself sometime and do something else. 

You don't need to feel limited to "I only do watercolors" or ""I'm a photographer".  We can do it all - the sky's the limit.  Just do it.                 Diane

Monday, November 8, 2010

Journal Page

I know Halloween is over but I want to post this art journal page anyway.  I'm kind of pleased with the way it turned out.  Ingrid Dijkers journals are so inspiring to me.  I was smitten after seeing her featured in Art Journaling by Somerset Studio.  I'm still having so much fun with different edges on the pages while she's off and running on some other great ideas which she leads workshops on.  I'll take my time, it's so much fun to do it this way right now.           Diane

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank you card

My little neighbor girl did a sweet think for me and I made a card for her.  I hope she likes it.  Diane

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Someone's Christmas Gift

This is the second item I've made out of this color, the third I've made out of this yarn.  It's Lion Brand HomeSpun and it's a little difficult to work with but it works up just gorgeous. 

I'm in love with this color.  It's called Waterfall.     Diane

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


O.K., I said it.  In great big letters in a great big brand new blog. 

At the age of 68 I've finally said it out loud.  I'M AN ARTIST!! 

I hope I didn't offend anybody.  I have this nagging feeling that I'm really a fraud.  I really shouldn't call myself an artist.  I'm a fake! 

That's been going on in my head all these years. 

From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand and draw pictures on the back of a calendar page I wanted to be an artist.  I wanted to be able to capture beautiful things on my paper.  I wanted to splatter paint on the paper and have someone else admire it, or crayons.  Admiration, as everyone who has ever created anything knows, is very important to the creator.
So I struggled for years because nobody said "You're fabulous!".   Nobody has offered me a showing at a famous gallerey.   In fact no one cares. 

BUT........does that stop me from being who I am? and what I am?

After much soul-searching (I've had a lot of time)  I realized that an artist is not because other people say you are but who you say who you are.  If you look for the beautiful color, the certain slant of a leaf, beauty in other people's faces.  If you love to have your surroundings beautiful, not for others so much as just having it beautiful to see in your own eyes.  If each act of your life is determined by the beauty of it and how it can be masterfully and beautifully done, if disappointment comes your way much of the time because you share it alone, doesn't this mean you're an artist?

I think I think too much.  I am the artist of my own life.

You're welcome to come along if you want, I'd love to have you.                            Diane