Sunday, December 12, 2010

And The Last One,,,

I don't know how it happened but the combination of the yellow background and the green paper I have it on caused the red ornament to appear orange.  It's definitely not orange. 
This tag is the last one in the series 12 Tags of Christmas.  This has been a fun project to participate in.  Each morning I could hardly wait to get on the computer to see the tag of the day.  My tags have much more improvisation that the models.  I had to make so many of my own elements (such as the corners) and even the blended colors.  But it was a real learning experience as well as fun.  Diane


  1. Always great fun to find inspiration but put your own twist on it. I would definitely have to do the same since supplies on this side of the world are quite limited. Have a warm and wonderful day. :) Tammy

  2. Now I'm not sure which one I like the bestest. Maybe if you didn't do such a good job, it would have been easier to pick my very favoritest. All well, they all make me purrrrrrrrr.