Friday, December 17, 2010

Creating Myself Through My Journal

Yes.  It's true.  Journaling is so deeply personal and such a trusted friend that besides listening to all my problems it also has helped me turn myself around and look for the joy in life.  In my journals I find myself and I design myself.  I find out what I like, try out new ideas, throw things out and see how they land, make commitments to myself.  Journaling is a transforming act, I hope that it will matter in the future to someone but right now it matters a lot to me.                                    Diane


  1. Beautiful as always Diane. I have journals ready and waiting. I've started to alter a composition book for a friend. But I just can't find the inspiration to get started. I want to do so many different things on the pages but just can't seem to get going on it. I'm hoping that the creative juices will start flowing now that I have time on my hands. Wishing you all the best always, Tammy

  2. It always matters to me. You encouraged me to start journaling! I will have to show you my journal the next time we see each other. You have inspired me . . . as usual. love you