Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6 Tag

Day 6 tag - it's nearly identical to Tim's but I got the results in different ways than he did.  Isn't this a pretty little deer?  On the ticket he had Season's Greetings but that's an expression I never like to use so I'm pleased with the French Christmas greeting.                     Diane


  1. Oh my whiskers!!!! "She" is so loving Tim's tag series - could be seriously addictive!! And now "she's" seen yours....and of course "she" has to get with it and make Day 5 AND Day 6. I suppose as long as I get my daily love and snacks I'm okay with it. Dad, of course, thinks "she" has all the supplies...boy is he in for a surprise ;)



  2. I really love this tag! They are ALL so cool. What a fun project. xobean