Friday, October 5, 2012

Very Un-spooky Place

The Halloween vignette in my art room changes often..........mostly the candy corn.  My potions are not for spells but things that I've captured during the summer and fall.  Among them are Autumn Whispers, Mermaids Tears, and Dragonfly Blessings.  Fairy Kisses and Hoot of Owls have joined the bottles.  The beautiful bottles are so much fun to make. 

K Mart had a big bag of skeletons for $3.99 and I only needed one so the other ones are give aways. I brought one to my 3 year old great grandson recently and he proceeded to have a little dance between it and a Power Ranger!! 

To me this is the best part of Halloween - visiting other blogs, seeing what others are creating and how they decorate.  Hope you're having fun, too.                     Diane

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  1. How fun, Diane! I don't have any Halloween decorations, just my Fall. I should get with the program shouldn't I!