Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maybe no mystery at all......................

There's an old house in our neighborhood which has stood empty
and unloved for probably three years.  The other
evening at dusk I was walking Rascal past and happened to glance
over to see a light on in one of the upstairs
windows. I was pretty sure nobody had been there but
maybe I was wrong.  The next evening (earlier) I noticed
that one of the windows in back was standing open.
A dear friend, Ben and his wife had lived there happily for
many years and over the years had many pets which
they nurtured and loved but we lost him to cancer about 5 years ago
some other people bought it, tore it up, ruined the lawn
and left it. 
A while back a dog appeared there, it was homeless and we
finally captured it and found a good home
for it.  Until that time he hung around that house! and wouldn't leave.
Now there's a cat that lives around the house. 
 I'm just thinking - could the two things have anything to do
with each other?       Diane  

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  1. hummmm??? you might have squatters living there. That or ghosts. Mwhaaaaaa