Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's no use...................

Don't you just love Alice in Wonderland quotes.  I have it on my to do list to re-read it, when I read it before it was in grade school and I read the Classic Comic's version of it so that I could do a book report.  Now I'm going to sit down and read the book.  This quote is so true if you think about it. 

The picture is from some book plates I found at a garage sale. 

Have fun creating, I sure am!!                                        Diane


  1. That is a very pretty little tag. Someone told me yesterday that the way I was dressed made me look like a young girl again -- but I said I would not want to go back to that time. I like the time and place I am in now. :) Best wishes and blessings to you, Tammy

  2. Gorgeous site, I've just joined you as a follower.

    1. Welcome Suzanne! So glad to have you as a follower.

  3. Gorgeous tag Diane, Shame on me I've never read the book, but Love the movie!!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    hugs Lynn

  4. I love all things AIW! The quotes are the BEST. BTW, I came by from T's blog and happy I did. I have a great day

  5. amazing qoute.i havent read the book, i know the story, ive seen cartoon films and the movie but just that. now i know i HAVE to buy and read it!!