Thursday, March 8, 2012

     I'm almost finished with this piece. I'm still looking for a certain something for the top. Most of the little books I covered, one is from Lynn. When I get it completely finished I'll repost it. One of the things I used on it was tissue tape which you can see on the bottom drawer and the sidebars and bottom. I love to work with that stuff. Not sure whether it will stay stuck forever though so I decoupaged the entire thing. Until next time - happy creating!


  1. Hey there! Your little cupboard is lovely. I really need to get organized so I can get back to papercrafting. I wanted to make a card yesterday but couldn't find half the stuff I was looking for. It's stuffed everywhere. :/ Have a great week. Tammy (P.S. Crafting always gets in the way of my housecleaning ways. :)

  2. What a fun cabinet Diane, Great idea to decoupage the tape, it probably wouldn't have stayed put otherwise! Can't wait to see what you put on top!
    Hugs Lynn

  3. "She" loves the tissue tape but must be doing it all wrong (no surprise there) because it doesn't want to stay stuck on. Maybe I should help "her" out with a good lick to the back. What do you think???? Your creations are always better than "her"s, but don't tell on me, I still cherish my afternoon snacks ;)


    Romeo and "her"

    1. Hi Romeo, Thanks for you always welcome comments. Please tell "her" that sometimes I used double faced scotch tape on the back of the tissue tape and sometimes I decoupage it just to be safe. Hope you're both having a wonderful spring. I hope you're staying safe and dry and warm. Blessings, Diane P.S. here's a scratch behind the ears for you.