Sunday, February 26, 2012

 There are pitfalls to being a paper artist as well as many triumphs and joys. 

 Constant paper clippings that I can never keep cleaned up, in face sometimes I feel like they follow me through the house like a cloud. 
Cobwebs!  Yes, I hate to admit it but occasionally my art gets in the way of my housework.  But it's worth every stolen moment to find myself in creating art.       


  1. LOL , I can so relate! I have a floor in my studio made from old pallets. I don't worry about anything that happens to land on it (boy does it ever) LOL. If I had carpet I'd be in real trouble LOL
    hugs Lynn

  2. Hi Diane! I've given up on keeping the floor around my work area clean. I think I just find any excuse to avoid housework lol! I also wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my post about LaLou. It was so nice of you to share your thoughts. Thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave, they make me smile. Keep creating and have a beautiful weekend :)


  3. Oh what pretty clippings! Yes I can imagine you are constantly having to sweep the floor. Do you have your own room or studio? I like to craft and have stuff spread around everywhere, and yes I have cobwebs too...they can wait!

    Many thanks for your visit and kind words. Enjoy your Sunday, love Linda x