Sunday, December 11, 2011

On To Other Things

On to other things.  The 12 Tags of Christmas proved to be too expensive for my blood.  I couldn't stay interested in the project - there were just too many supplies that were suggested for the tags that I didn't have nor could I buy here.     

This is a journal page I created.  I loved the skater on a Victorian Trading Company catalog so she sailed right into my journal.  The two pages behind it show through where I cut it off creating a different creation. 

This I love to do, this I have the supplies for, this is my style.    Blessings, Diane


  1. Your tags are beautiful Diane, but I understand about the expense we can run into with our art. I love your journal page, I don't blame you for loving that picture!

  2. You know Diane, your work is absolutely gorgeous, so why should you want to copy what someone else is doing? You just keep doing your own thing, using the supplies you have. You always create beautiful artwork. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Oh my whiskers - you have been very busy posting. While I....what HAVE i been doing?!?! Oh yeah, naps. Very important but look at all the wonderful postings I missed during that time. Glad that they stay for a while so that us older cats can catch up ;)

    "She" agrees with you - got discouraged that there was so much "she" didn't have to be able to do the tags. So they were not done. Still good inspiration up to that point of reality ;)