Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Christmasy Page

All this month my pages have been very much full of Christmas - except one which was a very bad day.  I've always longed to be able to print beautifully and worked at it much of my life but never got where I want to be with lettering.  I just keep trying and practicing.  I love both of these little children and use them a lot in my Christmas art.  

Have a very, very Merry Christmas!!            Diane


  1. Beautiful Diane and I love the things you wrote on it. It will be nice for you to have Cathy with you as I know it is a trying time for all of you to go through this.
    Merry Christmas Diane and thank you for all the wonderful posts you have done this past year.

    Jill xx

  2. Your lettering looks lovely to me. I am crappity-crap at handwriting anything. :/ Happy holidays! Tammy