Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Form of Prayer

 When my mind is racing 100 miles per hour and I can't seem to focus on anything my fingers take over.  With glue, sticky tape, pens, scissors and papers they create something good, a gift maybe.  This is a book I created for probably my little great grandson as I prayed for my daughter, Catherine.  I have quiet time with the Lord but I also have this manic time. 
This is one of the inside pages.   My fingers continue to create madly as I pray.      Diane


  1. WoWie! This is an amazing book! Hey, whatever it takes right? At least you put your anxiety to good use. I'm usually a zombie. xobean

  2. Productive prayer is soul soothing! Your Halloween book is fantastic! Happy hands, happy heart! Best wishes and blessings! Tammy

  3. Art is so relaxing to me, calms the nerves. Such a wonderful Halloween book!
    hugs Lynn