Sunday, January 12, 2014

Journal page.................

This sassy little girl looked just right for claiming ownership of her home.  I like to do cutouts in my journal - they look so good laying on top of another page.  This is in a little 4 x6 journal and I'm almost at the end of it.   I kind of like the way they look all together

 and they're small enough to take anywhere.   Diane


  1. That little girl is pure attitude! You are so crafty! xoxoxo bean

    1. So is another little girl I know! Thanks so much for the nice comment. love you, Mom

  2. A gorgeous page Diane, that lovely Paperwhimsey girl loooks indeed right at home i her lovely house. Gorgeous layered peace!

  3. I love this cute little sassy girl! This is such a pretty page Diane!
    hugs from here...

  4. Oh wow, just look at all those journals.
    A beautiful page Diane. such a sweet little girl image
    hugs Lynn

  5. Very pretty! I take a journal everywhere I go and then I wind up not doing a dang thing with it. :/ I really must get my act together. Yours look great. Blessings, Tammy