Monday, October 14, 2013

Not quite rich.................

The last two evenings on the news they've been talking about an anonymous graffiti artist in NYC who creates his street art and is gone before anyone can see him.  People think they could make a lot of money on his art if they could just find it in time. One of the pictures he created sent me running to my journals.

I had found an old book - maybe the 1960s - at SA and liked this picture (same one) and put it in my journal.  The picture was longer but I had to cut it down to make it fit my pages.



  1. How wonderful - love the mystery of this artist! Have not heard about this but of course now I have to go and find out more :) And your day I want to be as prolific as you are with your journaling. You inspire with your discipline to journal often and much!!! Sending you hugs. And of course Romeo would send you purrs and have written this himself, but he's out on an adventure right now......


  2. I heard something on the news about him too. Love that you added the image to your journal. Hope your doing well Diane?

    P.S. I see you changed your profile picture. Nice!
    hugs Lynn