Monday, July 1, 2013

In a slump.................................

In case you haven't noticed by the date of my last post.  I'm sorry, summer and life has just run over the top of me.  I come into my art room, rearrange things, sort, and look.  And that's as far as I get right now.  I'm hoping that my muse will soon wake up, yawn, and be even more inspiring.  Hope you're staying cool, wherever you are.                     Diane


  1. I'm with you Diane, my muse has left for vacation! Or I guess went outside to play in my gardens. Hope you get yours back, you do such beautiful things!

  2. There you are!!!! I've been looking for mew! I tried to write to mew but you have your reply settings set on "no reply". This made me very sad as I could not stop by and make sure you were okay. I could purrhaps purr for mew and your muse..... Or how about a good head bonker? Well none the less I am sending you luff from me....your favorite feline and "her" (who btw decided since she didn't actually see me being a bad boy decided to let me out of kitty jail!)

  3. We all have times like that. My muse is LAZY! xobean

  4. I so can relate. Summer is half over and I haven't had any fun at all. Work has kept me away from all my Loves.
    Hope you find your muse soon Diane.
    Hugs Lynn