Friday, April 5, 2013

Interesting but not twice.................

Last summer some wasps began making  a nest on a projecting nail under the roof of the patio.  They used a nail!  Soon it began to grow and I was carried away with the process.  It was amazing to watch.  Soon we had a problem.  Instead of  one or two wasps there were too many to deal with.  So we had to wait till a very chilly day and then I, of course, had to get it down.  I won't do that again, but, it was still a miraculous creation.                               Diane


  1. Oh No Diane!!! I know they can multiply so fast. I hate those little buggers. also Yellow jacks. I got attacked a few years ago while trimming out a bush that I didn't know we had a nest in. My hands and fingers swelled up so bad. I almost went to the hospital. Really should have. I just cried all night long it hurt sooooo bad. Never want to do that again!
    Hugs Lynn

    1. Oh, this wasn't a very good reminder then. I can't imagine your pain - I'm so sorry. That's a good reminder to get rid of these things, especially if we know they're there. Hope you're getting a little spring there. Hugs back, Diane

  2. It truly is amazing! But definitely not something you want hanging around so best to get it down quickly and hopefully they will find another place to start building. Take care, Tammy

  3. It is interesting! BUT yes,totally agree it's best not to get too hypnotized by the beauty, cause it'll get you sooner or later ;)

    Purrs and hugs,

    "her" and Romeo