Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines and Romance

I'm finally getting a fire lit under me for Valentine's day.  I envy you gals who jump right in and begin creating and are all ready for the next holiday when it rolls around.  Snow falling, 30 degrees outside, a great day to be inside cutting and playing in my studio.  Hearts, flowers, thinking of the first grade and the red and white box that Mrs. Simms had decorated with valentines and how much fun it was to anticipate what must be inside.  As it was usually we each got a valentine from all of the other kids and one from the teacher, and heart shaped cookies and little cups of punch..  What a wonderful holiday.                   Diane


  1. Very pretty heart. I still have a manila folder around here somewhere that is filled with valentine's from elementary school. The cards back then were so sweet. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. You really brought back some find memories of being a Kid on Valentines day. I so remember the excitement of opening all those Valentines. Sure wish I still had them....
    Such a sweet Valentine you created Diane.
    hugs Lynn

  3. Hi Diane. Great news !! You won Fourth place in my blog candy giveaway. Please send me your top 4 choices and your address!
    Hugs Lynn