Saturday, September 8, 2012


This is the first of thirty tags that I've been commissioned to do by the 15th of December.  I want to have them done well ahead of that time. 

As you know, the biggest part of the project is in your head.  Once you have a plan and the ideas begin to flow, then you're on your way. 

The stamp of pine trees is from Ranger.                      Diane


  1. How beautiful Diane, it's so special when someone notices and requests your talent!! Congratulations!

  2. Ah so much to catch up on...I have missed you and your posts! And first thing I see is a wonderful tag!!!! You are going to do a Kiss-A-Mouse tag aren't mew?!?! Just asking you know always trying to throw in a good word for us felines ;)

    I must leave this now and meander on through all the other posts I have missed here....


    Romeo and "her"

    P.S. - you know Dad VERY well because snacking is EXACTLY what he will be doing while "she" is gone. He's predictable that way ;)

  3. Well Diane its a great start,
    looking forward to seeing the other 29.
    hugs Lynn