Tuesday, July 24, 2012

.....wait a minute, I'm on a roll!

These two pages face each other.
This is in a new journal I've started because I
just had to begin it. I guess all I have to say
is to read the first one (with the feather).
I got so busy working on this today
that I almost missed breakfast (more of a
big deal to my husband than to me)
Hope something comes along to inspire you
like art journaling has done with me.  It's just
bliss to feel so excited about getting back to what you're working on.


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  2. Love how you wrote the text Diane ,very creative. Your journal pages are beautiful. I have a friend who would go crazy over your Sunflower. There all over her house. LOl
    hugs Lynn

    1. Thanks for your comment Lynn. You're a good friend. Hugs back, Diane