Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Journaling....and Sharing

 Yes, I'm still journaling and working in other art as I find time. 
 As you know, summer's a hard time to spend great blocks of time in your studio with everything else going on. 
 Mostly, though, I do my journals.  They're the place that I pour my heart and soul and times have been very trying in the last few months.
Privacy is such an important question in art journaling.  Do I share or don't I?  Do I wish to air my heart with all or do I keep it all to myself?  It's a big question.

I'm reassured by Janice Lowry who lost her battle with cancer and left the world richer with her art and journals.  She said that she was terrified of anyone reading her journals until someone did.  Janice left her 120 journals to the Smithsonian choosing preservation over privacy.       Diane


  1. Diane, your journal layouts are absolutely gorgeous! I looked up Janice Lowry. How very sad that she passed away from a rare form of cancer. It is nice to see that she is still being remembered and that her husband is carrying on her blog as he said he would. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you abundant blessings, Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy. Glad you took the time to look her up. Wish I would have had time to meet her. Have a beautiful weekent. Diane

  2. i came here through Tammys blog and i must say this is a very nice and interesting place. i really like your layouts!!
    have a nice week..

  3. Beautiful pages....and the pouring out of words is so therapeutic for us, isn't it. Thanks for sharing.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  4. Diane your journal pages are beautiful ,I wish I had the courage to try and create one. I'm not very good with words as you know so its been like a brick wall when I try and think of what to say.
    I do hope everything is alright in your life?
    hugs Lynn

  5. My furry little head says that you and "her" seem to have been in the same place lately. "She" has finally starting doing some art journaling as well. FINALLY! "She" told me she thought of you when the first page was complete. And it's just taken off from there :) Happy days because I finally also have a lap to nap in ;)

    Yet MORE purrs,