Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cold Day - Cool Colored Page

Some of my pages are done in watercolor, which I don't think
I've shown yet.  This one is on a Tim Holtz Ranger page because I just
love those papers.  The images come from different places, Graphics Fairy and the
little shoes (aren't they adorable?) are from Joanna at Moss Hill Studio.    If you haven't read
her blog you might be interested. 
This was a fun page to do in the pale colors and I love the heart
that she's holding and the motto -
Believe in Magic, Dream in Color, Live in Wonder

Hope I've inspired you to get busy and create something.    Diane


  1. LOVE those little shoes too! Well as long as I don't have to wear them ;) You may or may not remember that "she" likes to put that tutu on me and Zoe wears hats from time to time. Sheesh! Anyway.....

    This is a wonderful saying and "she" thinks so too. "Believe in Magic, Dream in Color, Live in Wonder". LOVE it! "She" says you inspire "her" to get in and work on the art journal....if "she" could just keep that inspiration while the laundry, dustballs and cooking are screaming for attention "she" might get a lot a pages done and life would be bliss. Something to work on in 2012, yes?

    1. Thanks for the great comments Romeo and "her". I think you'd look great with those little shoes on - they're almost your size I bet. I hope she enjoys her journal as much as mine. But if she got too busy with them she wouldn't have time to dress you and Zoe up in tutus!! Hope the two of you are having a good winter, thank you again so much for writing. Diane