Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Couple Pages

I work on my journal pages every day.  I don't always finish one a day, but I work on it until it's the way I want it. 
There are some (not many) unfinished pages in my journals.  They usually represent me just looking at the page and not being able to come up with much.  In that case I just move on.  Sometimes I go back and work on it, sometimes not.  I don't want it to hang me up.  I want to create and if it means abandoning a page for greener pastures that's O.K.  These are a couple pages from June. 

I want to thank you for you for your comments, it's so encouraging.  One of my posts recently had several posts and I had missed it for a while but I'm still so tickled that you took the time to write.  Blessings, Diane


  1. However your pages turn out, it's great that you journal every day. I keep saying I want to but just can't seem to get into the swing of it. I even wanted to journal our trip in Nepal but that didn't go well either. I hate writing -- much prefer typing as it is much faster -- my fingers actually can keep up with my thoughts. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  2. Wow Ms. Diane! Mew are a better purrson than "her". Lots of journal pages....UNfinished. Wants to art journal every day but feels there is anything worth marring up the beautiful paper with. I have thought about putting a few scratch marks on the paper. Do you think that would help? I mean the paper would already be "broken in". Your advice is greatly appreciated since you ARE making wonderful pages everyday....