Wednesday, March 23, 2011


How do you store your cutout graphics?  I'm always experimenting.  This little box started it's life as a little box at SA yesterday.  I decorated it thinking that it might work - it might.  But I'm really interested in how you do it, I need some ideas.


  1. Mine are all over the place. You are much more organized than I could even imagine being. Sometimes I run across a cut out and I think . . . I could have used this a long time ago. love, bean

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any help to offer, but I wanted to tell you how much I love this box. You have quite an eye.

  3. My first visit to your art blog, Diane. It's wonderful!!!
    I like your box! I don't have room for a studio where everything is out and handy, so all the small stuff is stored in small boxes, glass jars & tins in drawers in the armoire. I keep art papers in a flattened USPS box... not especially artsy, but it works! :)
    Happy week to you,

  4. your work is very impressive to store so much graphics in life long with sticking on box. I also done same work with my school designs.
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